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Liquid Metal Jewelry Inspired By Cleopatra

Designed For The Individualistic Women

Liquid Metal jewelry is Signature Style! It’s elegant jewelry pieces: Liquid Metal bracelets, Liquid Metal necklaces, Liquid Metal earrings, Liquid Metal cuff and mesh bracelets, mesh evening bags, Liquid Metal ball chain vests that caress your body and beautiful leather belts with mesh jewelry.

Sergio Gutierrez, the designer of Liquid Metal jewelry, is a Colombia-born electronic engineer who emigrated to the US in 1991. He wanted to learn a new environmental skill. He did not find what he wanted. Instead of that, he started to take apart old computers – and VIOLA! A new, patented line of jewelry was born – Liquid Metal jewelry. The jewelry has computer circuitry incorporated into many of the designs and includes ball chains. Sergio Gutierrez also serves on the Board of Directors for Eyes of Innocence, a charity that benefits children worldwide.

When you look at Sergio Gutierrez’s Liquid Metal necklaces, you see gorgeous fashion items that would make any woman feel envious. Some necklaces come as antiqued nickel with Swarovski crystal. The same necklaces are available with with Golden Topaz, Aqua Blue or Emerald.

Some necklaces are composed of computer micro-chips. Electronic circuitry components have been altered and presented as the most delicate, intricate jewelry. Computer micro-chips in jewelry? Yes!!! That’s the beauty of it, computers are everywhere. We cannot live without computers today anyway, right? So, why shouldn’t they be present in jewelry?

Other Liquid Metal necklaces have several chains and all of them are beautiful and original!

Another Liquid Metal jewelry specialty is cuff bracelets. These are made of metal mesh. These art objects are crafted from nickel-plated ball chain with diamond patterns. They make your wrists feel so fine and special! You can find a great variety of designs and styles in Liquid Metal cuff bracelets and Liquid Metal mesh bracelets.

The Sergio Gutierrez Liquid Metal collection includes Liquid Metal earrings. They come in variety of sparkling styles, sizes and shapes. Some look like waterfalls. Other Liquid Metal earrings look like small moons with dangles.

Where can you wear these Liquid Metal earrings? Wear them to work, wear them to lunch. You can even wear them in the evening for an after-work drink with someone special. Sergio Gutierrez likes to make post Liquid Metal earrings, too.

The stunning collection also includes Liquid Metal rings. These uniquely feminine rings are made of silver colored nickel with ball chain mesh. The rings match and complement the necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Liquid Metal jewelry ensembles are wearable morning to late night. The sparkling sets of jewelry complement blue jeans, flowing evening gowns that go with high heel shoes or simple but sophisticated business outfits. If first thing you put on in the morning are your undies, the next should be your Liquid Metal jewelry.

Sergio Gutierrez Liquid Metal jewelry designs are collected and worn by celebrities such as Annette Bening, Sigourney Weaver, Demi Moore, Cher, Patricia Wettig, Marilyn Manson, Sara Michelle Gellar, Tony Braxton, Sharon Stone, Thalia, Tyra Banks and many more.

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