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JPK Paris 75 Handbags

JPK Pairs 75 Bags Handbags Jean-Pierre Klifa

Jean-Pierre KlifaJean-Pierre Klifa is the creative force behind JPK Paris 75 Bags. Jean-Pierre has designed over the years for many brands and continues to design for well known labels in France, Italy and the USA. His talent for bringing form, color and material together is the defining trait central to his unique designs, as evident with JPK Paris 75.

Jean-Pierre travels the world over to find magnificent materials, rare leathers and fabrics to enhance each
JPK Paris 75 handbag collection with differentiation and unique appeal.

As a designer, Jean-Pierre brings his attention to every detail at every stage of fabrication. His personal touch is unique and can be felt throughout his JPK Paris 75 whole collection.

His collections, unique designs and silhouettes evoke a feminine charm and a certain seduction factor.

As many designers who look for the perfect handbag, Jean-Pierre Klifa designs JPK Paris 75 bags to be comfortable, trendy and practical.

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